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A B2B digital services company raises a big pile of cash

A B2B digital services company raises a big pile of cash
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An e-commerce services company that presents itself as a one-stop shop for industrial manufacturers and suppliers has raised significant new expansion funds.

Inxeption Corp. Ltd., a Brisbane, California-based company that provides a suite of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications to manufacturers and associated suppliers, has received $275 million in new financing and debt financing from a group of investors headed by Schonfeld Strategic Advisors with participation from the Bank of Montreal.

Farzad Debache, CEO of Inxeption Corp.

Inxeption, which began operating in 2017, will use the funds to facilitate funding for a new B2B marketplace platform and for Inxeption Financial, a funding program.

“With trillions of dollars of business annually and hundreds of thousands of potential customers in the US alone, industrial and manufacturing companies are suffering from a digital shortage and are looking for a defender,” says CEO Farzad Debache. “This latest funding will be used to support our growing platform and ecosystem so we can be the best advocates for our customers.”

Inxeption’s suite of services includes e-commerce applications, logistics, analytics, digital marketing, and B2B market development, among others.

The company, which now says the company’s valuation is close to $3 billion, has $100 million in annual revenue and serves a client base of 1,000 businesses.

“Industrial and supply chain businesses have faced unique challenges for decades that are becoming more acute in today’s environment with logistical and commercial disruptions – the Inxeption platform enables an on-demand digital experience to provide capital, data, products and services in a single location for industrial businesses,” says Mike Kochmick, Global Head of Markets Schoenefeld Capital.


Jay Hanson, Chief Operating Officer, Inxeption Corp.

Inxeption sees a huge opportunity in launching new B2B markets across various industries. In December, for example, the company introduced Inexption Energy, a new marketplace that offers buyers access to on-demand, custom-built solar components from manufacturers.

“The future of B2B is the target markets,” says Jay Hanson, chief operating officer of Inxeption. “Inxeption Energy is the first of many vertical markets we are launching to address the specific needs of B2B by simplifying logistics, finance, payments, and the entire purchasing process.”

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