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Aging Media Marketing Trends Q&A with Nick Hoffmeyer, VP of Marketing, Broda, Inc

Aging Media Marketing Trends Q&A with Nick Hoffmeyer, VP of Marketing, Broda, Inc
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Across housing and senior care settings, the marketing landscape continues to shift along with changing market factors. Through the Aging Media Network’s (AMN) annual Aspect Marketing and Advertising Awards program, we recognize the “best” of these efforts each year.

AMN is now accepting applications for the second annual program, which aims to showcase and highlight the best examples in the field of elderly care for advertising, public relations and marketing endeavours. These awards are given in recognition of the creative work accomplished by industry professionals who provide products and services in skilled nursing, home health care/home care, adaptation, living, and behavioral health.

We sat down with one of this year’s competition judges, Nick Hofmayer, Vice President of Marketing at Broda Inc. , to talk about the latest marketing trends, what needs to change in home health and home care marketing for the long term, and what’s on the horizon for this year’s Aspect Awards competition.

What current trends do you see in home health care marketing?

In general, home health care is gaining more attention as more people move or consider home care over care facilities. We note a common interest in home accessibility, aging in place, and telehealth, specifically. More and more people are exploring these needs and looking for products and services to help. The growing demand has been effectively focused on digital channels and online content, including video, blogs, articles and virtual consulting.

How do you define success in marketing and advertising today?

The ability to measure and improve marketing and advertising success is more important than ever in this uncertain economic environment. Traditionally, success has been defined by increased purchase transactions. With current marketing technology, success can also be indicated by growth in product awareness, customer interest, or even online brand sentiment.

What is your outlook for home healthcare marketing in 2022?

In the age of digital overload, it will be difficult for marketing to bypass the noise and provide the right information, products, and services at the best time in the buyer’s journey. Building trust and interest with remote customers will still be challenging in the age of misinformation, but with new marketing tools, human-to-human social networking, and interactive content, brand trust can be generated online.

What do you look for when judging Aspect Awards campaigns?

I look for campaigns that express an original theme or idea in a unique way that resonates with the target audience. The campaign must carry the message consistently – from copy to call-to-action – across many different channels and media. Finally, beyond story and execution, the campaign needs to demonstrate clear and compelling results that demonstrate the success of the effort.

What will catch your eye in this year’s competition?

I look forward to seeing the creative ways service providers and agencies are doing to beat the noise in a crowded online space. I am excited to see how participants have integrated social networks to expand their reach and truly engage with their audience.

About the Aspect Awards

The Awards Program draws Aging Media participants from a highly qualified global audience including subscribers to the continuing healthcare publications Home Healthcare News, Senior Housing News, Skilled Nursing News, Hospice News, and Behavioral Health Business.

The deadline for participation is January 31, 2022. The judging of applications submitted during February 2022 will be completed by a panel of industry professionals representing each of these five related categories. Winners will be announced in March 2022.

For more information about the Aspect Marketing and Advertising Awards, visit the following website: Aspect Marketing and Advertising Awards.

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