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BE Lights with Kartikeya Bhandari of Livspace, Marketing & Advertising News, ET BrandEquity

BE Lights with Kartikeya Bhandari of Livspace, Marketing & Advertising News, ET BrandEquity
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Kartickeya Bhandari, Director of Marketing, Livspace.

It’s the season for fun, meeting friends and family (albeit following virus safety standards), eating sweet meats, and of course launching a marketing blitz. In our BE Lights series, crosses the minds of marketers and agency heads to understand what they think of holiday marketing. In this episode, we introduce Kartickeya Bhandari, Chief Marketing Officer, Livspace.

1. How has holiday marketing evolved over time?

The holiday season has always been a great time for marketers across the board. This is from a business perspective as well as from a creative perspective. Consumer sentiment is always on the upside and hence, the desire to spend is higher during these festive periods. While overall sentiment is always high, this also means that every brand wants to get in on the action, which poses an interesting challenge for marketers from a communications and media perspective.
To be able to stand out amongst the chaos, a brand needs to make smart media choices from the available media stock and high purchase rates. The right mix of media options plays a huge role in helping the brand secure high visibility during the holidays. The main challenge in this fiercely contested environment is to stay aligned with the brand, across multiple touch points, both physical and digital, while doing so in a way that is able to communicate key messages and stand out from the crowd.

2. The most memorable festive marketing campaign you have undertaken. why?

    BE Lights . logo
BE Lights . logo

Considering that we are a company in an emerging field, some of our great campaigns have taken place during the IPL which we believe is one of the biggest sports festivals in the country. We launched our ‘Don’t Try This at Home’ campaign during IPL 2021. A humorous look at a poorly designed home, it was launched just in time as many people spent months locked up in the house and started noticing the inconveniences of substandard design. With our campaigns, we were working towards creating the category first and here was the campaign that told our narrative about “This is how we make a difference in consumers’ lives” or “These are the things we can do better” in an effective, engaging and entertaining way.

3. Do you feel that festival marketing is losing its luster in the era of massive online sales. If the answer is yes, then why? If not, why not?

I don’t see the two being different. In my view, massive online sales are now a major part of the holiday season and occupy a large share of consumer wallets. In the current digital age and the consequent movement towards online shopping, this is the new reality and the addition of a new element in the holiday season does not mean that what worked previously will not work anymore. I see it as more about distribution as consumers now have the ability to choose a brand on e-commerce platforms as well as in physical stores.

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