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BestJobs: 2021 brought bigger salaries, with 25% more jobs and an increased interest in remote work

BestJobs: 2021 brought bigger salaries, with 25% more jobs and an increased interest in remote work
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The tendency of Romanian employees to search for new job opportunities, digitalization and telework has led to significant changes in the labor market in 2022. According to data from the BestJobs platform, in 2021 the number of active jobs increased by 25% compared to the previous year and more than half of them (56% ) directed to white collar candidates.

By Denisa Christian

Wages rose in all areas of the job, from 16% in information/communication technology, to 31% in sales and marketing. The number of remote opportunities has also increased, with an increase of 40% over 2020, 1.8 million applications received from candidates, and about 30,000 keyword searches, including “remotely” in the top searched activities on the platform.

In 2021, 91% of active BestJobs candidates showed a preference for knowing the bonus offered for the job they want to apply for. Among the most profitable fields in 2021, information technology / communications, with an average net salary of 1.629 euros, medicine / health, with an average net salary of 1.433 euros, engineering and management 1.200, respectively 1.222 euros per month, according to the BestJobs transfer. The lowest paying jobs in areas such as administration/secretary, were recorded at 771 Euro, call center at 797 Euro, and tourism/Horeca, at 879 Euro.

The labor market in 2022 will be characterized by increased employee mobility and challenges for employers to attract the right candidates and launch new benefit packages

Recruitment will be difficult in 2022 as well, given the shortage of manpower in the Romanian market. Moreover, 67% of Romanian employees plan to change jobs in 2022, according to BestJobs, in 2021, 61% of them considered stress levels to have increased, and well-being became a priority in the workplace.

With the number of jobs rising and the demand for work outstripping the supply, companies need to change their strategy in order to attract and retain professionals. Therefore, 45% of employers are of the opinion that it will be much more difficult to attract good candidates in 2022, compared to the past two years.

In 2022, 52% of employees expect an increase, and 35% of HR professionals estimate a 10-15% increase. Additional bonuses that employees want include transportation discounts (39%), performance bonuses (38%), personal development programs (30%), and health insurance or subscriptions to private healthcare clinics (29%). Further, employers want to implement the employer branding strategy, along with facilitating welfare programs, in order to satisfy and improve the welfare of their employees.

Given the fact that in 2021 the personal priorities of employees are clarified, in 2022, through their expectations from employers, there is a need to value their work (69%), to achieve a better balance between their personal and professional lives (29%), but also the freedom to choose the workplace (27%). In addition, especially in the field of information technology, there is an expectation of the employer to be flexible in terms of the form of cooperation (CIM, PFA or SRL).

We are witnessing a major change in the dynamics between employees and employers, a change that we have never experienced in many years and have not anticipated through the pandemic. The labor market in 2022 looks favorable for employees, who are now in a position to create new directions in the way they work, but also in terms of the benefits that they enjoy. As a recruitment partner, we are ready to meet the needs of all players, both on the part of the recruiters and on the part of the employees, with the best tools available to facilitate their needs”, says Andre Frunze.CEO of BestJobs Romania.

Remote work and the importance of digital skills remain top trends in 2022, and the need to streamline the hiring process will become a priority for employers.

The new year will inherit the 2021 trends that have won their place and proved their importance. Therefore, after two years employers had the possibility to note that productivity remained high even with remote work, remote work would be a viable option even though things may return to the “normal” situation that prevailed before the epidemic. Hence, the field of HR is going through the transition to digital, and begins to create a better hiring experience, as well as to solidify the brand of the employer.

Additionally, employees have gained flexibility when it comes to professional development and are more willing than ever to adapt to any unseen changes and re-professional transformation. Thus, investments in their skills, especially digital ones, remain a priority for candidates and they expect support from employers.

Online selection and interviews emerged as a necessity but made things run more smoothly in the hiring process, and it became a habit. Online tools for CV analysis, headhunting services, strategies to reach and attract passive candidates, and efficiently complete the recruitment process in 2022, while selecting a partner to facilitate these undertakings becomes mandatory.

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