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Brian Bell to invest big in digital

Brian Bell to invest big in digital
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Written by Patrick Tom

Brian Bell Group continues to introduce, innovate and add new features to its business; The plan is to invest large sums in digital business to transform the market in Papua New Guinea.

Group CEO Cameron McKellar told this newspaper that when it comes to online or digital platforms, Brian Bell Group is quite contemporary or at least by PNG standards.

He said they have a website and market their products and services across a number of social media platforms, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and Instagram from time to time.

“For e-commerce, we have an important strategy to invest and develop a suitable e-commerce solution but there are a lot of complications for us at PNG.

We are known as the Brick and Mortar Company, meaning that customers love to come to our stores to browse and shop. However, we will eventually have a full online retail presence as well.”

“We also acquired a digital marketing company in Australia in 2021 – Orange Digital.

Orange will of course help us chart a better digital future and we like to believe it can help other companies with PNG as well.”

He emphasized that the digital and online piece is really about convenience.

Fast messaging and information plus a completely different shopping experience with built-in e-commerce.

The challenge to e-commerce here at PNG is twofold; Expensive data and logistics.

“The best way to deal with this is with a ‘click and collect’ method or service.

Meaning, customers can still buy and pay for products online, then go to their nearest store and pick them up.

“Having multi-channel options or outlets, including online, is attractive and beneficial to customers.

Those in remote areas where infrastructure or shopping options are limited.

Digital can provide better connectivity in this way and help serve their needs.

It also opens up new avenues to trade or communicate with your clients and expand your client base,” said Mr. McKellar.

He said it’s a digital world whether we like it or not.

Everyone consumes digital content and most people are quickly switching to smartphones.

“We’re embracing that and watching this space for more information coming from us through our digital footprint.”

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