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Brides Wanted : The Tribune India

Brides Wanted : The Tribune India
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The Jat Sikh Cheema family is seeking a suitable match for their US born boy, 1996, 5′-11″, tall and handsome. MSc in Cyber ​​Security. Running a family business. Looking for a tall and beautiful girl. Contact Jessie Cheema @ 206-391 -2002 or email:

Saraswat Brahmin boy 31 years, 5′-7″, B.Tech., MBA, Government Officer. Tricity settlement. WhatsApp details at 79730-15184.

28 year old ghat sikh boy well settled in USA with a family looking for a beautiful educated girl. Height 5′-11″ WhatsApp +17816-288740.

Looking for a Professionally Qualified Match for Sikh Jat Boy, Veterinarian (BVSc from India), 1993, 6ft, PR Canada, Currently pursuing Licensing Exams in Canada (SAR). Milwa area preferred. A compatible match from Canada may also be considered. WhatsApp: +12365910191 or

Beautiful occasion Educated Hindu Khatri Public Relations Information Technology Engineer, Ontario Canada, Working Son 5′-11″, 31 years, PR Applied. Professionally Educated Family. Connect with photo and profile at 98154-16465 Whatsapp.

The Jat Sikh family is seeking a PQM for their US-born son, who is 31, 6 inches tall, turban, computer science degree, and works for a Fortune 500 company as a senior engineer. Accepted into a part-time MBA program. Prefer a girl who is already in the US or Canada. Contact with biodata/pic. Email:

PQM ready to move to Hindu Khatri Australia based boy, 48, 6′, never married, project manager, working for MNC. visit India.

SM Girl to Boy Dhiman, Dec 88, Gurgaon top Co. PEC Chandigarh, MBA Above B School Delhi, 26+ LPA, Height 5′-5″. Phone: 88947-02343.

Suitable match for smart boy manglik Khatri 27.12.1993 03:25 PM Ambala 5′.8″, Mohali worker at MNC Interested please call .99960-34616, 093160-47583.

Match for Drami Handsome Boy, 5′-7″, 35, 10+2, Private Cab, Already Married Sisters, Private Home, Simple Marriage, Officer Father (Retired), Tel: 05326-76962.

NRI Professionally Qualified Match for Handsome Jat Sikh Boy 1993, 5′.11″ B.Tech (mechanical) Own Urban/Agricultural Ownership, Good Earnings. Submit Vital Data with Latest Pictures. Tel 92533-99280, 81686-84431.

PQM for boy Ramdasia Sikh 1988 born 5′-10″ B.Tech IIT Delhi Works at IT company Mohali Father Retired Government Official Whatsapp: 96461-02116.

Rai Sikh boy, 1994, 5′-8″, Manager, Punjab Government, no caste dynamic bar. WhatsApp: 98765-82480.

Canadian boy Lubana Sikh 32/5′-11″, I want BDS/any other professional girl. Caste no bar. Call on WhatsApp +9194664-36721, +14168224721.

Suitable match for Punjabi Boy Saraswat Brahmin, B-TECH (CSE), IT Company Worker, 5′-11½”, 6.11.1985, 10.30 PM, Jalandhar, Canada, USA, Australia PR Girl Wanted. 9815275137, 9914684273.

PQM4 non-Manglik Hindu Khatri Sep 1992, 6′, Handsome Boy, B.Tech. , MS from USA, working for USA’s largest company on H1B. Parents settled in Chandigarh. Full WhatsApp details at: 96461-38391, 96461-38392.

Well educated Canadian PR Girl for ‘Diversity of Handsome Canadian Citizen’, 5′-7″ / 1973 Khatri Engineer BE, MBA. 94780-24057.

Ramgarhia Canadian Citizen boy 1987/5′-9″, Absolute noob looking for a beautiful family oriented girl. Preferred Tricity, Patiala, Dhaba. Boy Currently in India. Simple Early Marriage. Call/Whatsapp 76963-49198.

Singla Boy 03.4.93, 03.35 AM, Chandigarh, 5′-6″, B-TECH, M-TECH (IIT), Business Bangalore, 32 LPA. 98885-62098,

Pretty girl eligible for Canadian Aggarwal B-Tech. Born, 5′-9″, Jul 89, 6:25am Chandigarh, Works at Jasper Canada. +18254398899, WhatsApp +9198761-00616.

Sikh Jat Boy, 15 Jul 1992/5′-8″, Civil Engineering, MSc Civil Engineering. Parents retired from government job, one sister, own business in Chandigarh and Mohali. Australian PR or any well qualified girl required in India Ph.D. 92179-09968, 81464-82826 (Patala).

Born/Raised in US/California 91, 5′-7″, Handsome Gatt Well-established Sikh Boy, Graduated in Biopsychology. Very Successful Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Property Owner, Develops Apartments, Owns Several Commercial/Residential Rentals In a prime area of ​​Los Angeles Never drink/smoke Looking for an educated and family oriented girl No caste/religious handicap Please send detailed information with latest photos to email:

Jat Sikh boys 28 and 31 years old B.TECH (CSE). Only girls are required in the USA. Unmarried / divorced, age does not prevent. WhatsApp 62395-16123.

Canadian Permanent Resident, Engineer, Dentist Gatt Sikh Boy, 28, 6′-1″, Looking for a suitable Canadian Match. He belongs to Ludhiana City and resides in Alberta. Marriage offices please excuse me. Please share biodata and photos at +17807094390.

Parents of a well settled Jatsikh property owner are looking for a USA born professional, 5′-4″ + fair and skinny match for their handsome USA born Pharmacist son (Pharm.D), 29, 5′-11″, working with CVS Caremark Since 2017 Prefer USA. Please reply with recent photo and bio data at

Fit for Saini Sikh Boy November 1992, 5′-8″, MS Working as Senior Software Engineer USA California on H1B Call 98155-65694

Australian family wants a girl for their son Citizen 5′-7″, 90 Births. Tel: 79736-33780, 97791-30095.

Match for Brahmin, born 1992, ht. 5′-7″ MBA, Taught in Digital Marketing in Germany. Prefer PR girl from France or Germany. 9056564994.

PQM for a handsome vegetarian boy Gursikh Khatri, 28/5′-9″. B. Tech, PGDCA (PU). On study visa to Canada. Preferred girl who wants to settle in Canada or already there. Well stable small family. Only child 86997-89825, 01762-430938.

Suitable match for Hindu Brahmin boy, 27 years, 5′-7″, BCA, Government employee inspector in Punsup. Father retired. Government job, older brother married settled in Italy. Older sister married settled in Canada. Seeking NRI Canada PR girl, part Upper without bar.Call 95921-21922.

Saraswat Brahmin Born 6’/1992, B.TECH, Works at MNC Looking for a tall smart working girl, Kharti Welcome. 98141-01794.

Jatsikh Canadian Citizen 39/5′-11″, BE/MBA, Income Above CAN$200,000, Divorced Without Release, Looking for a Beautiful Girl Preferably in Canada. Caste no bar. WA: +919818909579.

Professionally Qualified Match for Goyal boy (B.Tech.), 5′-11″/ Oct 93 (Non-Manglik), Operating in Big4 Gurgaon, 19.5 LPA, Well Stabilized Business Family of Samana .80542-47472.

Suitable match for Canadian National, Very Handsome Gat Sikh Boy, IT Engineer B.TECH, Paid Job with 39/6ft Private Business. Well settled, educated family in Toronto. Looking for an educated match, a decent family. Phone: +14036165214 (WhatsApp).

Ulakh, 5′-10″, Feb 81, Software Engineer, PR Canada, Divorce No Release, Looking for an upper caste Hindu/Sikh Vegan Girl, Call (WhatsApp only) 92533-64203 or send details. com

Well educated Canadian Girl PR/Citizenship Wanted for Sikh Ramdasia Boy, 1992, 5′-8″, with B.Tech, Canadian PG Certificate, PR, Good Job, Salary. Parents Retirement. 84377-22340.

A proper match for Ramgarhia cleanshave Unmarried 41/5′-11″, back from UK after 15 years 97790-00727.

Ramgarhia Sikh boy, 5′-10″, 17.02.1993, B.Tech (CSE), MBA, working as a Software Professional at MNC in Chandigarh. Prefer a girl who works in the same line. Contact: 46293-96464.

PR Canadian Punjabi Khatri Manglik Boy 5′-8” Jun 20 1991 9.38pm Chd Works in Canada Currently in India 98720-10618, 97803-43398.

Suitable Match for Ramgarhya Sikh Turban Boy, Dec 1993/5′-6″, B.TECH. Assistant Manager at Government Pledge Bank, Mohali. (Permanent Job). Salary 850,000 per annum. Non-drinker, Vegetarian. Father Retired Engineer From Punjab Government Administration, She has a private house in Mohali.Mother’s house wife, married older sister.Looking for working/non-working educated Mohali girl/Nearby prefers to send biodata/images WhatsApp:98760-81156.

Chandigarh Agarwal, MS Ophthalmology, 02.02.1982, 7:15 a.m., Sangrur, 5′-9″, Haryana Government.99888-23442, 78141-48692, 94170-03412.

Suitable match for Ramgarhia Dhiman Unmarried, clean shaven, born 1979, 5′-9″, MCA, Punjab Government Job. Upper Class No Bar. +91-6239088052.

Suitable match for Bhatia Turbaned Sikh Engineer 1986/5′-8” PR Canada. Living Halifax, Nova Scotia. Officer/Director level job. Well settled. Decent income. Father is a retired officer, mother is a retired lecturer, older brother is a first-class officer married. Contact 9814548605, 9855507667

Respected Jat Sikh family, well settled in London, UK is seeking a suitable match with their British born son, aged 35, 6′-4″, currently working. The girl must be Jat Sikh, min.5′- 7″, well educated, fluent in English and families. A boy is currently in India. Send bio-data, photo. Email: Whatsapp: 8427693504

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