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Celebrating next generation of marketers at the SLIM Graduation Ceremony 2021 – The Island

Celebrating next generation of marketers at the SLIM Graduation Ceremony 2021 – The Island
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The Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing recently held its graduation ceremony on December 13, 2021 at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) in Colombo. With a morning session from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM and an evening session from 02:00 PM to 06:00 PM, this ceremony recognized the efforts of students who successfully completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing (PGDIP), Diploma in Brand Management Strategy (DSBM), National Diploma in Sales Management (NDSM), Diploma in Digital Marketing (DDM), MBA in Marketing and those with Certified Professional Marketer (CPM) status.

“It is pertinent that we reflect on what they can look forward to in this unique” new normal period of pandemic times, said graduation recipients at the morning session of the SLIM Graduation Ceremony, Laith Seneviratne, Group CEO and CEO of Sri Lanka Telecom Group. Unlike their predecessors, today’s graduates study almost entirely online, using what were previously considered “future” tools in everyday work. It is convenient because the focus and motivation behind their real-time marketing work will be mostly in the digital arena. Today’s graduates will be required to contribute to the national digital drive, delivering digitally enabled products and services to a digitally aware audience. It’s an exciting and largely unexplored frontier, and I look forward to seeing you making waves in the future.”

As guest of honor for the morning session, Rohan Somawansa, MBA, CIM, CPM (Asia), CMA (Aus.), DBFA (CA), gave insight into the diversity of the marketer’s role today and in our time saying, “The role of the marketer has changed dramatically. In the current business environment due to many factors.Changes in business models in most organizations as well as unprecedented changes in consumer behavior are some of the important fundamental factors.You all have a great opportunity to create local brands that will penetrate the region and finally the world by redefining Branding strategies as you prepare for a tech-savvy and future-ready Sri Lanka.”

Graduation Maid for the Evening Session of the SLIM Graduation Ceremony, Aruni Guntelecki, President of Hatton National Bank PLC, shared her thoughts, saying: “As we enter a time of rapid change, each of us has to think carefully about how we can do it. They can adapt and create the flexibility to prepare for the “situation.” The new normal”, and in doing so, have a positive impact on our communities and people.

In the post-COVID landscape, with the boom of e-commerce, and new technological capabilities, the role of marketing has emerged as a prerequisite for the success of every business, and your contribution is likely to be unparalleled. Through your efforts, and with the support of SLIM, each of you is equipped with the knowledge and skills to make a noticeable impact in your career. You have proven your capabilities and now you have to use what you have learned and build on it. Be brave and bold. Be prepared to evolve and be a lifelong student.

Guest of Honor speeches for the evening session Dr. Pradeep Edward Ph.D., MBA, Pg.Dip.M, Dip.BM, Dip. Fin Mgt, FSLIM, FIMS, FIMM, FCIM and P.Mkt (SL) echoed the sentiments above, spoke of the endless opportunities for graduates, and embarked on their marketing journey. He said, “We are passing through an era of multiple challenges of an unprecedented nature, which have affected all aspects of our lives. As a thriving marketer, you must be resilient and well-equipped with the knowledge and experience to overcome these challenges victoriously in the ‘new normal’ conditions,” he said. Once, you can’t keep doing what worked once, when everything around you has changed.Instead, you have to stay in the face of change, in order to succeed.

“Make a difference and bring the new into all your endeavours as a new generation of marketers, adding your ‘personal brand’ in everything you do. While I express my gratitude and best wishes to SLIM, for their continued and endless efforts in grooming global marketers for the nation, I wish everyone graduating today the best of luck in overcoming the prospects of their dreams.” Pradeep Edward.

This SLIM 2021 Graduation Ceremony celebrated the hard work, determination and achievements of the graduates as they applied to collect their manuscripts and certificates, having completed their diplomas and degrees.

These aspiring marketers, now qualified graduates from the range of different diplomas and degrees offered by SLIM, are ready to enter the world of marketing as they pursue their dreams. The wide range of academic opportunities, offered by SLIM, encourage and prepare students for the world of business.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing (PGDIP) is a comprehensive SLIM qualification on par with other internationally recognized qualifications in the field of Marketing. The Diploma in Strategic Brand Management (DSBM) is a practical course to enhance knowledge on the path to effective branding. The National Diploma in Sales Management (NDSM) is a qualification to differentiate a SLIM graduate from a traditional salesperson. The Diploma in Digital Marketing (DDM) is designed to educate aspiring marketers on the most important digital marketing concepts, best practices, and emerging concepts in digital marketing.

The MBA in Marketing is offered by SLIM in collaboration with the University of Wrexham Glyndwr, providing you with a recognized British MBA. Recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC), this fast-track program is offered exclusively to SLIM PGDIP holders and eligible CIM-UK students. Finally, Certified Professional Marketer (CPM) from SLIM is the Asian region’s highest qualification in marketing.

Nuan Gamaj, Vice President – Education for SLIM outlined SLIM’s plans for the future with a focus on education saying: “We have configured our five-year strategy with ‘Future Ready Sri Lanka’; a group to develop innovative, future-ready marketers in Sri Lanka. We believe that Quality education is an essential part of fostering a knowledge and innovation economy.Therefore, SLIM has invested in enhancing education for future generations of aspiring marketers, and we plan to obtain university status, implementing a series of new programs.These programs will focus on harnessing the skill set required for successful marketers for 2030. , where we prepare our students for the challenges on their horizon.”

Addressing the 2021 Alumni, SLIM President Telanka Abiwardena expressed her hope that the students “are determined to continue in [your] Studies as Creativity of Knowledge are the surefire way to become a full-fledged professional, adding value to any field as you pursue your chosen career. In addition, knowledge instills self-confidence and enhances one’s personality. For continuous professional development, it requires the perfect blend of acquired and practical knowledge. This is your key to success. Using your intuition, you must transform your acquired theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge to overcome challenges as you embark on your journey through life.”

She spoke about SLIM’s mission and prospects, and provided insight into “Sri Lanka is ready for the future”. As the National Marketing Authority of Sri Lanka, we at SLIM believe in moving forward to advance this concept to a generation of competent and skilled marketers who are ready to take on the struggles of modern business. “

SLIM’s efforts towards continuously enhancing and developing marketing education in Sri Lanka and its commitment to the profession is undeniable. Embodying its role as Sri Lanka’s national marketing authority, SLIM continues to guide students towards their marketing goals, and embark on their journey towards achieving their business goals and dreams. Congratulations to the 2021 graduates!

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