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Dream Job: Disney Is Hiring a Social Media Content Creator

Dream Job: Disney Is Hiring a Social Media Content Creator
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In high school, when they present you with career options, they usually leave out the cool stuff. But we can’t blame them for not including this opportunity: Disney Parks is looking for two people to join its team of content creators.

Appropriately, the job was posted on Disney’s TikTok account, with an introduction to the rest of the team and some details about what kind of person should apply. According to the post, Disney Parks is looking for someone who “loves all things Disney” who is “a foodie, stuntman, creative storyteller, and goofy attitude.”

The official title of the role is Social Media Content Creator, and it is categorized as an unofficial temporary job. Required qualifications for an administrator, according to the job posting, include experience in social media and/or digital marketing, proven ability in video editing, and the ability to work flexible hours including nights and weekends. It is a part-time role, with an expectation of 29 hours per week for approximately 12 months.

If the above description suits you and you want to spend your days filming and editing fun content in the Disney parks, you can apply on the Disney website. Time to update your bio and learn some new TikTok dances!

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