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Former Bain boss Vittorio Massone, who helped capture S…

Former Bain boss Vittorio Massone, who helped capture S...
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Vittorio Mason, former President of Bain South Africa, has taken a senior position in Milan, Italy, as CEO of Alkemy, Despite being the driver behind the management consultancy’s acquisition of the South African Revenue Service (SARS).

Appointed in 2020, he is now Head of Business and Corporate Development at Alkemy. The company said in a Bloomberg News Declaring that he has “…extensive experience in transforming business models for some of the most important companies at the local and international level”.

Mason joined Bain in 1994 and quietly separated from the company after that Daily Maverick She revealed her central role in the state takeover during the Zuma years. It appears that he has not been subject to any disciplinary action or reprimand from the consulting giant. Bain faces renewed global scrutiny after the Zondo Commission’s first report found the company was central to the takeover of the South African nation.

Mason was a handyman for Bain, who used his political connections and calculating expenses to forge valuable relationships. His talk was so successful that he met former President Jacob Zuma 17 times between 2012 and 2014, and he bragged to colleagues that he had known of Tom Moyen’s appointment as SARS Commissioner long before he was made public.

He chose Zuma Muyani for this position and granted Mason unprecedented presidential access after placing Bain chief Duma Ndlovu on the payroll. Ndlovu, a TV series producer, was in Zuma’s kitchen cabinet, along with characters like SAA boss Dodo Minnie. Ndlovu’s company, Ambrobrite, received millions from Bain for doing very little, and against the advice of some Massone employees.

The Ambrobrite contract gave Mason the political leverage to take advantage of Bain’s huge contracts, both in Telkom and SARS.

The Zondo report recommended that all public sector contracts for Bain be examined. Judge Raymond Zondo found the matter to be “extremely irregular. [for Massone] to ever meet a president”—but the Italian expatriate wore his political affiliation like a Medal of Honor.

The report reveals that he wrote a note to fellow Bain saying, “Guys, meet the President last night on CT. [Cape Town]. everything is OK. There was also Tom (a guy we met on SARS) and he really looks like he got that job after the election. He was very friendly with me and seems like a smart guy to work with.”

Massone’s personal website He now mentions his SA posting in one line trying to clean up his role at State Capture, but there are slant references to Bain’s work at Telkom and SARS.

However, Alkemy’s press release bolsters his appointment with Mason’s involvement that Mason was President of the American Chamber of Commerce in South Africa as well as a member of the SA (BLSA) Business Board. BLSA is under pressure to abandon Bain as a member company due to its lead role in State Capture.

Daily MaverickPauli Van Wyck reports here How “Pain” corrupted SARS. Whistleblower Athol Williams also revealed to the Zondo Commission how Mason met with Zuma to discuss, develop and strategize on how to reshape the economy – elements that included a centralized procurement system at the presidency. It was, for all intents and purposes, an all-out offensive that Bain would provide the weight of business strategy to eventually help Zuma. Mason has enjoyed comfortable relationships in several South African pavilions, set up by his local coordinators.

Lord Peter Hein He wrote to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson asking him to investigate all of Bain’s UK public sector contracts. Alchemy did not respond to Daily MaverickComment requests.

Vikas Sagar, the McKinsey man who facilitated elusive contracts at Eskom and Transnet, has resigned after the start of disciplinary action. went to work in Quick Start in London.

i have pine He denied facilitating corruption In South Africa. DM

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