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Foundation to offer digital courses to students

Foundation to offer digital courses to students
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The Sultan Fatima Foundation will offer digital courses to students from Chinese independent schools and national secondary schools this year.

Its President Datuk Tee Siew Kiong said the courses will be offered via the Johor Digital Economy Center (JDEC) under the institution, to provide students with the skills to adapt to the digital landscape.

“Discussions about the program were going well with the Association of Chinese School Principals in Johor and the experienced teachers and teachers and skilled trainers to organize a 1+1 course for students of the Fifth Form.

Students will be given a choice between two courses, Digital Marketing and Creative Media.

“For a start, we will be holding two-hour lessons in four independent Chinese schools per week with a minimum of 25 students in each.

We will also make sure that digital classes will not interfere with existing classes and students’ homework.

He said at a press conference after meeting with education group Dongzong and other representatives of the school in Johor Bahru.

Te, who is also an advisor to Johor Muntri Besar, said the program was unprecedented as it includes students from Chinese independent schools and national schools.

He said the Program Planning Committee has tasked students and schools with identifying the courses by January 15 in order to plan the next steps for the classes, which will start shortly thereafter.

“This is a bold step we are taking and I encourage more experienced teachers to offer their expertise and participate in our programmes.

“Digital courses should be emphasized as they allow our younger generation to learn the background on digital marketing, programming and the like.

“We hope that students who are not interested in traditional subjects will be able to discover an interest in digital media, and prevent them from dropping out of school as well,” he said.

T said that more companies are expected to undergo a transformation process to keep pace with the digital landscape, adding that by participating in the course, participants will be able to apply their knowledge for this purpose.

Meanwhile, Tan Tae Kim, Principal of Johor Chinese School and President of the Teachers’ Association, said the institution’s focus on digital courses was a step in the right direction.

said Tan, who also heads the Association of Chinese School Committees in Johor.


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