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How this freelancer made over $366,000 after losing her job

How this freelancer made over $366,000 after losing her job
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Many financial experts advised that in order to lead a relatively comfortable life, one should combine 9 to 5 jobs and side activity. Many individuals who wish to build wealth and pass it on to subsequent generations take this advice very seriously.

Recently, many people are converting their side business into full time jobs because of the satisfaction they get from such a decision as well as the money they earn from it. One such person is Jennifer Shelley.

I worked as a project officer in a tile company. She began losing interest in the job after being overlooked in promotions and senior management positions because she is in the LGBT minority.

Things were not going well,” Shelley, 42, told CNBC Make It. “I wanted to grow, and as a LGBT minority, I was often overlooked for promotions and senior management roles. At times, I felt the need to silence myself in order to be heard.”

At the time, Shealey was doing her masters in management. She previously had a degree in graphic design, which came in handy when she founded Fiverr for freelance work in 2014. She was optimistic about the platform’s potential.

“It just shocked me, and I was like, ‘Wow, could this be something I can let go of [for]She said.

I signed it and started offering digital marketing services as a side business. Her services included designing social media ads for entrepreneurs.

In 2015, she lost her full-time job and quickly switched to two other side businesses that she was working on, apart from Fiverr, to survive. As the days went by, she devoted more time to Fiverr and when she realized the returns were going well, it became her full time job out of her home in Melbourne, Florida.

“I lost my job, and I was all on Fiverr,” she told CNBC Make It in May last year. “It was actually a blessing in disguise.” According to her, she has made over $366,000 in sales since she started working on the Fiverr platform. “In the past two years, I’ve hit six numbers, so I don’t find myself slowing down,” she said.

But according to Shelley, hitting six numbers wasn’t easy. When she started, she said, she designed for clients, costing as low as $5.

“Some people might find that starting silly, like, ‘Why would you do that?'” “Well, sometimes you have to do what you have to do to get your name out there,” she said.

Now Shealey’s business costs anywhere from $20 to $125, depending on the type of ad and how much work is required, among other things.

“I would probably double that and still be fine, but I try to be aware of the market and where people are in the market because I love helping regular people,” said the digital marketing specialist. “This is how I organize my prices.”

For people who want to be like her, Shealey’s advice to them is to “be patient.”

“I just wouldn’t give up. I didn’t see much return in the first three years, and was busy working on other part-time jobs. But I just wouldn’t lose heart,” she said.

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