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Innovative marketing skills key to business growth in 2022 – News

Innovative marketing skills key to business growth in 2022 - News
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Brand offerings must reflect and shape the changing realities of consumer behaviour. – Wam profile picture

Companies have moved to digital marketing and have seen a spike in spending in the online market in 2021.

Posted: Saturday January 8, 2022, 11:20 pm

Latest update: Saturday January 8, 2022, 11:24 pm

The digital drive has made everyone rethink the innovation they need to adapt in 2022 to stay afloat in a highly competitive global market. What digital trends will meet consumer needs and what innovative solutions will ensure consistent sales are what bothers stakeholders.

How do you define the target segment, especially in the UAE? What marketing strategy will work? How much budget are you willing to allocate given the impact of the pandemic that continues to affect business? Many questions like this are bound to arise. So how will brands strike a balance when you need to optimize your resources and allocate a limited budget for marketing and sales.

Companies have moved to digital marketing and have seen a rise in online market spending in 2021. Digital advertising uses the internet to deliver marketing messages in different formats to internet users. This includes advertisements in the results pages of search engines (search advertising); Advertising in social networks in the form of sponsored posts, for example (social media ads); advertising banners (advertising banner); ads within video players (video ads); and paid digital classified ads (classified ads). Global revenue of $465.5 billion in 2021 is expected to grow to $683.1 billion through 2026, according to Statista.

Ramesh Menon.

Ramesh Menon.

Ramesh Menon, CEO of Brandform in Dubai said: “It is very important for brand owners to prioritize improving their products and services. Now is the time for unprecedented growth. And brands must reconsider their offerings to see how they can scale in scale and scale across Markets Directing attention to this means consciously automating time-consuming processes Automating notifications across your platform Automating your marketing messages Automating social media scheduling across channels Automating the flow of leads – which is about reaching your customer with leads They want to take action when they show their interest online. Automate your analytics in your CRM to track them so you can respond quickly.”

By integrating automation and analytics as a system across digital marketing and management, Menon says, brands can expect intelligent heuristics — leading to more innovations in product and service design. “Simply put, use current trends to not only create short-term sales, but also efficiently build long-term value,” he added.

Kantar, the global leader in data-driven analytics and brand consultancy, reveals trends and recalibrations in the global media industry and its expert forecasts for the year. The top five areas that may see a shift are transparency in video-on-demand (VoD); commercial internet remodeling; media performance and marketing balance; new approaches to data; Reshaping the behaviors of the Covid era.

Brand offerings must reflect and shape the changing realities of consumer behaviour. Brands, products and services will need to meet consumers’ new needs for convenience, value, sustainability, and innovation. The brands that invest – in data, insight, people, and marketing will thrive. The most successful brands will embrace the differences – diversity and complexity – for the audience they seek to reach. This presents a great opportunity for brands to evolve in this recovery period: exploring a deeper segmentation and engaging with communities beyond their current audience.

Ritesh Mohan.

Ritesh Mohan.

Similarly, Ritesh Mohan, Author and Retail Expert, Founder of said: “When a marketer is down and no ideas are generated, the easiest way out is to spend advertising money on creating the vision, this is like an automated strategy. Ads are more challenging for markets in 2022. With the advent of the new IOS operating system, the cookies that made targeting ads so effective in the past can no longer be tracked. More and more consumers are becoming privacy conscious which poses challenges for digital marketers.”

Al-Kontar believes that advertisers still need to think strategically about how to target and operate in this changing landscape

“The media landscape has always been dynamic, with the pandemic fueling all change,” said Kirat Dillon, Co-Director and Lead Media Effectiveness Measurement, MENA, Kantar’s Insights Division. Digital consumption has increased exponentially, and some new players have grown exponentially during this time. Content and context are now king, so the key is to reduce intrusion while increasing relevance to consumers. With clear evidence of the power of multiple media campaigns, customizing your designs to each context and amplifying campaign coverage is key to achieving maximum impact in the Middle East.” —

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