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Learn all the capabilities of Google Analytics and get certified for just $20

Learn all the capabilities of Google Analytics and get certified for just $20
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Dive deeper into the ins and outs of Google Analytics and step up your marketing game with this package.



If you haven’t already heard of Google Analytics, it is a free tool that helps you track your website traffic or your marketing campaigns, giving you important knowledge about how to keep your business growing. whether you small business Own or work in marketing, knowing how to really navigate and using Google Analytics to its full potential will help you gain a valuable skill set that can be applied globally.

With this $20 package now, you’ll have access to five courses, 115 lessons from Google Analytics, Data Studio, and SEO content that will be able to help you achieve your digital marketing goals and take your career to the next level.

This e-learning package starts with a free exam that gives you industry-standard certification in both Google Analytics and Digital Analytics and gives you a great experience Resume Boost. Then, you’ll get a beginner-level introduction to Google Analytics and progress through navigating through the vast amount of data and learning how to gain useful insights from that data. In the last two courses, you will measure and monitor website traffic by integrating other tools such as Google Ads and Google Data Studio, which will lead you to make executive and strategic marketing/sales decisions.

Get the upper hand in your career or business this new year by giving yourself the chance to become a Google Analytics expert with this all-in-one package for just $20 – an unbeatable price for a limited time only.

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