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Learn to make money from your writing with this bundle

Learn to make money from your writing with this bundle
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Make 2022 the year you become the best selling self-publishing author! If you’ve always wanted to write a book, whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, it’s never been easier to get your content published. The Comprehensive Digital Writing Certification 2022 package covers all aspects of not only writing, but also selling your business. And right now, since many people add tasks of completing a book or picking up a side hustle to their list of New Year’s resolutions, it’s available during the New Year, selling your new one for just $20 — less than $2 a class.

Get access to 11 informative courses covering everything you need to know about creating, publishing, and selling your business with the 2022 All-In-One Digital Copywriting Certification Bundle. From copywriting to content strategy to Twitter and email marketing, there is a lot to learn in these classes.

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Sam BA is the author of Audible and Kindle who has first-hand knowledge that can guide you Self-publish an e-book that sells in over 2 hours and make it an audiobook. This 4-star rated course shows you how to use a paid AI tool to speed up your eBook writing, helping to remove writer’s block from the equation.

The Magine Solutions team knows Learn to write from beginner to advanced level For those looking to make money off their writing skills. Even those who don’t consider themselves “natural” writers will benefit from this course, which teaches copywriting in just two weeks. You will be able to use these skills to write sales copy for other companies or for yourself, with the help of this 4.4 star rated course.

Want to work on your email marketing skills, too? Introduction about Email Marketing with MailChimp for Beginners It’s taught by Travis Rose, a 4.4-star coach, who provides an easy for beginners, yet in-depth introduction to the world of email marketing to show you how to expand your audience and increase profits.

Let the Comprehensive Digital Writing Certification 2022 Package help you achieve your goals and earn some extra cash in 2022. Get it for only $20 for a limited time during the New Year, your new discounts – no coupon needed!

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