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LinkedIn users weigh in on how to improve the hiring process in 2022

LinkedIn users weigh in on how to improve the hiring process in 2022
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“It shouldn’t take that long,” Sarah Jordan, who specializes in digital marketing, wrote on LinkedIn. Security and privacy expert Christopher Budd shared his not-so-fun experience of “having to wait over two months to hear something from a very big tech company – after they spent so much time telling me over and over that they were trying to get everything done in a week.”

Finding solutions to key problems in a stressful hiring process drew 671 responses from the LinkedIn community, the highest rate of any workforce report this year. CEOs of out-of-work Gen Zers offered personal feedback and advice on what to do. “If you post an entry-level job, you don’t need any experience,” Price wrote on LinkedIn. “If you need experience, you need to pay more than the entry-level wage.”

Recruiter Joe Stimack wrote, “Employers need to adjust interview questions to target transferable skills.” It is a powerful modification to help those who are just beginning their career meet the requirements of supposed entry jobs. He added that the on-campus experience gained by college students giving presentations, conducting research and working in teams should be considered significant evidence that they are desirable.

Satisfied job seeker Michael Boenke has written the most sustainable solution to making the hiring process right.

He wrote, “I appreciate interacting with a company that acted as if they wanted to hire someone.” “A lot of the other companies I’ve applied to took weeks and weeks to respond, which is very slow for any applicant with the motivation to make a change.”


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