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Lucknow: National PG College defers NEP course till next session | Lucknow News

Lucknow: National PG College defers NEP course till next session | Lucknow News
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LUCKNOW: The National Graduate College (NPGC) has decided not to implement the four-year Graduation Course (UG) curriculum, as recommended in the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, in the ongoing 2021-22 academic session due to a shortage of required infrastructure and teachers.
Affiliated to the University of Lucknow (LU), it is the only LU college with independent status. LU has designed a four-year curriculum according to the NEP of UG and implemented it from the 2021-22 cycles.
Under the new system, UG will be for a term of four years, rather than three, with multiple entry and exit options during the course of the cycle. Besides provisions for interdepartmental studies and research, it also provides professional topics.
LU also directed all associated colleges to implement the syllabus. Most colleges agreed to submit an NEP from this same session despite the lack of teachers and infrastructure. However, since NPGC has an independent status, it has decided to implement the new system from the 2022-23 session after all requirements are met.
This means that students who gain admission to UG at LU and its associated colleges in the 2021-22 cycles will have to study the four-year course, but students at NPGC will continue on a traditional three-year course. Speaking to TOI, NPGC President Devendra Kumar Singh, who recently took over, said, “This year the session has already been postponed due to the pandemic, and therefore we have decided not to implement NE in a hurry.” “Besides the lack of infrastructure and staffing, we do not have a National Cadet Corps (NCC) unit which is a must in a four-year curriculum. Moreover, we need to upgrade our computer lab for professional courses like e-commerce, banking, forensic science and digital marketing. “.
“When introduced with full facilities, the new syllabus will serve the purpose better. We will also review the curricula for major and minor subjects in various subjects keeping in mind the interest of the students,” he said.


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