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Marwyn vehicle circles M&C Saatchi

Marwyn vehicle circles M&C Saatchi
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Marwyn M&C Saatchi Vehicle Circuits – AdvancedAdvT Limited announced on Friday that after the acquisition of 12,000,000 ordinary shares At M&C Saatchi (about 9.82% of that company), it confirmed it was interested in exploring a stock exchange merger between AdvT and M&C. There is no certainty that any formal offer of M&C operations will be imminent, nor as to the terms of any such formal offer.

Marwyn funds collectively own 20,525,000 common shares and 525,000 common warrants in AdvT. As of December 17, 2021, AdvT accounted for 16.8% of incorrect from Marwyn Investments and 16.8% of NAV from 2021 achievement shares. 2016 achievement shares are not exposed to this potential transaction.

Finn Moriah OBE, Chairman of AdvT (pictured) is a non-executive director of M&C and owns 15,237,985 common shares in M&C (12.46%) and 17,500,000 common shares in AdvT (13.26%).

AdvT’s arguments in favor of the deal are given below:

the board The expanded group believes it has the opportunity to create significant value for itself at that time Shareholders. The merger creates an opportunity to build strong digitally focused data, analytics, and creative marketing work balance sheet Additional management experience in rapidly transforming businesses and implementing complementary mergers and acquisitions. This would allow the expanded group to continue its development and, crucially, accelerate the implementation of its growth strategy and thus become increasingly relevant to its customers.

The board believes the expanded group will be well-positioned to take advantage of the structural changes arising from accelerating digitization, which affect the way companies operate, do business and sell to customers, and will provide benefits to employees, customers and shareholders.

The consolidation process, combined with a focus on data, analytics, and creative digital marketing strategy as well as mergers and acquisitions, will enable the expanded group to take advantage of the increased opportunity to “move, create and drive meaningful change” while guiding companies on their new digital journey. It will defend M&C’s traditional creative base against disruptive competitors and enable the expanded group to increase its market share against its peers.

The merger will also enable M&C to solve the legacy put option problem as well as provide liquidity to accelerate business investment and digital M&A-led mergers and acquisitions.

The company brings additional management skills with significant experience and expertise to complement, accelerate and grow the expanded group through strategic and steady acquisitions in segmented international markets. The company’s management has demonstrated past success in identifying, realizing and harnessing the inherent value within the business.

The combination of the M&C brand and platform with the company’s financing and expertise is expected to increase M&A opportunities. The combined reach and renewed attractiveness of the platform can attract more high-quality assets.

Outperformance and valuation of data-driven digital marketing agencies and peer consultants demonstrate investor support for companies that successfully capitalize on a perceived market opportunity. Other digital marketing groups have successfully used mergers and acquisitions to gain digital power. We see significant opportunity for the expanded group, with acceleration of data, analytics, digital strategy and co-stewardship, to achieve similar assessment multiples, improving Liquidity Out of stock, the implementation of the progressive re- Dividend Policy that we believe will enhance the attractiveness of the business to investors.

MVI: Marwyn M&C Saatchi Vehicle Circuits

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