National Youth Day It is celebrated on January 12 every year, but since the outbreak of the pandemic, the much-discussed demographic dividend faces many challenges. The strength of Indian companies is doing their job to get the young future ready. Below is an overview of the CSR programs that empower the country’s youth.

1. ICICI Skills Academy

The ICICI Skills Academy is the flagship initiative of the ICICI Foundation and seeks to provide disadvantaged youth with employment opportunities and industry-specific skill sets. At more than 27 centers in 19 states and one union territory, more than 13 free, diverse and multifaceted vocational training courses help to profitably assimilate young people into the employment stream. Training is also provided to hone communication skills, financial literacy and how to adapt to a structured work environment.
Technical and office skills courses are conducted in residential and non-residential centers, respectively. As of March 2020, the academy had more than 1.45 thousand urban youth of whom 42% were women. Recipients, once trained, find employment within the Academy’s career network. More than 400 companies have participated in the recruitment process so far and a job portal has been designed to facilitate recruitment for candidates who complete the courses.

2. Unnati for India by Visionet Systems

Conceived by Alok Bansal, Managing Director of Visionet Systems India and Global Business Director of BFSI, this CSR initiative started during the pandemic when most companies were cutting costs. The goal is to close skills gaps and make youth employable in a rapidly evolving job market. The aim of the ambitious project is also to train at least 50,000 students over 5 years to make them employable in the IT and BPM sector.
The course offers absolutely free, world-class training that would cost anywhere between Rs. From 50,000 to Rs. 2.5 lakh per person. This includes technology-enabled modules in the classroom as well as live demonstrations and interactions with on-site instructors. The duration of the program is approximately 45 to 60 days, and candidates who successfully complete the program are awarded a certificate, posting an assessment by Visionet. The Skills Program is open to undergraduate and graduate students of any stream.

3. Skills for Market Training (SMART) by Tech Mahindra

The Skills for Market (SMART) program is another leading CSR program in the recruitment industry and is spread across more than 100 centers in 11 locations across India. These include SMART Centers, SMART + Centers (for people with disabilities), and SMART-T (Technical Professional Training) centers. The idea is Rehabilitation of youth in an innovation-driven environment So that they can keep up with the world.
In 2019, the Mahindra Foundation also set up the SMART Digital Media Academy in Hyderabad to help offer courses in English, Basic IT, Soft Skills and Technical Skills courses. Six-month certificate courses are available in Graphic Design, Web Design, Animation, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management. Training opportunities will be provided for on-the-job practical training in existing industries.

4. Youth Drivers Program by TCS

Youth Employment Program is Tata Consulting Services’ flagship corporate social responsibility program to make women from rural colleges, unemployed graduates, especially from socio-economically disadvantaged sections of society employable. The idea is to enable disadvantaged and marginalized young graduates to enter the labor market equipped with adequate skill sets, communication skills, confidence and technical knowledge.
Exposure to industrial and vocational training makes young people eligible for employment in the corporate sector, government, and other MSMEs. This also helps broaden the pool of talent available to the nation and increases diversity and gender equality. Training content is prepared by TCS experts, focusing on industry needs and through the instructor, trainer and mentor model, trainees are directed to careers within and outside of TCS.

5. Microsoft Cybersecurity

In a post-pandemic world where rapid digitization is transforming industries, Microsoft gives learners hands-on experience in the fundamentals of security, compliance, and identity through four accredited certification programs. The idea is to create a skilled workforce ready to serve the cybersecurity landscape, democratizing cybersecurity learning and making it accessible to all. To achieve this goal, Microsoft works in synergy with a strategic consortium of partners including Cloudthat, Koenig, RPS, and Synergetics Learning.
The modules are designed to support all levels of learners, forming them into security leaders. The idea is to contribute to the successful digital transformation of the Indian enterprise world and to lay the foundations for security for enterprise data centers in India. So far, more than 3 million people in India have been trained through this initiative.

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