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Of Course Chris Hemsworth Had to Tease Little Brother Liam Hemsworth for His Birthday

Of Course Chris Hemsworth Had to Tease Little Brother Liam Hemsworth for His Birthday
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Marvel Thor: Love and Thunder Superstar Chris Hemsworth (again) had to tease his little brother Liam Hemsworth on his birthday (January 14) — and let the whole world get in on the joke! Chris Hemsworth took to Instagram to post a funny photo gallery of Liam. It started with a photo of the former Hunger Games star looking ripped and bloated while working out; It was followed by a picture of Liam looking over into a “Christmas boy pose” (lean and grungy) surrounded by sweets and gifts; Finally, we got a baby picture of Hemsworth’s youngest brother. Check it out below!

Chris Hemsworth added this caption in his birthday post to Liam: “Happy Birthday @liamhemsworth we hope this is the year you finally get in shape and take care of yourself 😂💪 To help with your transformation I’ll give you 10% off @centrfit membership #familydiscount I love you “.

Note the back promo for Hemsworth’s Project Centrfit, which brings the Thor star’s top-notch fitness team expertise to fans, via the digital app. It is a true birthday wish between brothers; one part of the older brother praises the younger brother; One part will calculate the marketing traffic. Hollywood life has truly become a fully synergistic business model.

In all seriousness, Chris Hemsworth is notorious for being a prankster on Instagram – no one in his family circle (brothers Luke and Liam, wife Elsa Pataky) or friends (the entire Marvel Studios actor group) is safe from one of his posts. Of course, Chris always keeps things fair, and makes himself the subject of his own jokes on social media quite often. Not all jokes: As you can see above, Chris Hemsworth is good at using his social media platforms to promote his own business, movie projects, and in the case of Centrfit and the upcoming Thor 4 sequel? Both. It should be noted that Hemsworth is also very generous in using his social and celebrity platforms to constantly promote charities and other causes as well.

For Liam Hemsworth: His post-Hunger career hasn’t been very prolific, with hits like Independence Day: Encore often comes and goes. Liam seems to prefer exploring a variety of character actor roles, from rom-com (Isn’t It Romantic) to indie crime thrillers (Killerman) to stand-up comedy bits (Arkansas). Neither of these projects have either brightened the box office or propelled Liam Hemsworth forward—his name has often been associated with tabloid focus on his relationship with singer Miley Cyrus, which ended in a very public divorce that ran from summer 2019 through early 2020.


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