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Pandemic career shift turns positive for Vogue Digi founder Sebastian Mutalib

Pandemic career shift turns positive for Vogue Digi founder Sebastian Mutalib
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The COVID-19 pandemic hit Sebastian’s demand so hard, that the Chicago resident lost his real estate job.

But he turned the negative into a positive when he started learning more about digital marketing, and eventually started his own digital marketing business, which he called “my dream.”

Mataleb, 37, who has lived in Chicago for 10 years, is the owner of Vogue Digi, a leading company and digital marketing director.

“People thought it was crazy to open a business when businesses closed (due to the pandemic), but this was the perfect time to sit at home and build your own business. When I opened the business, I was willing to offer my service, and offered a free service, especially for small LGBTQ businesses. I continue to offer my service at a low cost to our LGBTQ community.We are all in this together, said Muttalib, who hails from the Middle East and now lives in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood.

“I grew up in a business family; my father had an import and export business, and I worked with him since I was a kid. I was always trying to be the marketer for his company and I always came up with advertising and marketing ideas. Then I finished high school of business, went to business school, and got a degree BS Today, the world is more digital, and I have experience in marketing, so I had time to take the best education and get certified as a professional digital marketer from the American Marketing Association (AMA) and provide my services in a timely manner.

“Marketing is the heart of any business. That’s why I have a passion for marketing and put a creative and modern idea into marketing. I focus on marketing in a cutting edge and trendy way.”

Vogue Digi helps local and global businesses expand their digital footprint and presence through a variety of services, such as: social media advertising and management; Google PPC and SEO ads; audience research; content creation; email marketing; In addition to web and application development.

“Just like any other business, marketing is an investment, and no one wanted to invest their money (during) the time of the pandemic. I couldn’t promise investors a high ROI, but I can now.

“I have no limits; we are growing every day. I have a dream that my company will be the most trusted digital marketing company and the most useful to the LGBTQ community. I want to build a foundation for the community and help everyone who needs help with education and housing. We have a lot of creators, but they need to funding to finish their education, and that breaks my heart.”

Social media strategy and management is a focus of Vogue Digi – and that includes insight into interacting with your audience, talking to your audience and customers, and more.

“By using social media, you can reach your customers/audience faster and more broadly at a lower cost than traditional marketing,” he said. You can target your audience and talk to them in the language and voice they can be happy with. I do audience research a lot. And I have () the tools and techniques to help find the right audience without losing money (through) testing. With it, we can achieve a high return on investment.

“You can build a community for your brand and you can reach your audience through your community. We offer our services to help businesses interact with their audience. With content tailored to their users, we can increase their social media followers and expand their digital presence. Our strategies are adaptable and flexible, ensuring their interaction with users on the right platforms, at the right time, and with the right content.”

Social media ads also carry their weight due to their potential to reach millions. “With Ready Audiences, we can implement ads that resonate with your target audience while delivering exceptional results and ensuring that we deliver an impressive ROI,” he said.

Speaking about pay-per-click and SEO, Mutlib said, “I ensure that websites become visible and highly ranked in Google search. With the right techniques, audience, keyword research, and understanding the words people are using, we can help businesses grow exponentially. Natural while helping companies connect with their target audience and help them increase sales.”

Muttalib is proud to work with and be a member of the LGBTQ community.

“I want (to) serve my community and see more LGBT businesses stand on their feet and achieve success. It has been very sad for me and for all of us to see (so many) LGBT businesses go out of business during the pandemic.” “I still see some companies not focusing on marketing, and I want to fix that because, with marketing, your brand will spread (and expand).

“My goal is to see more gay businesses, (to help them) (prosper) and raise the rainbow flag.”

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On the PPC: “With most users choosing Google over other search engines, I ensure businesses exist while making sure they stay competitive. By paying per click, we can ensure your business appears at the top of search pages, converting searchers into converting customers.”

Design and creativity: “Content creation is at the core of everything you do, and here we can make a difference. We design professional graphics and videos using Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Canva, Story Blocks, and all other creative apps and software to deliver a highly effective custom personality for your business. Our work will enhance your visual identity and digital presence using special video promotion and eye-catching graphics for ads on all social platforms. We don’t follow a trend. We make a trend.”

Vogue Digi: There are three employees: the requirement plus the graphic designer and the client/copywriter relationship.

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