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Police Nab 2 of 3 Suspects in BIG Lowes Theft Attempt–The Slow G

Police Nab 2 of 3 Suspects in BIG Lowes Theft Attempt--The Slow G
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Suspect Miller, “slow” person (PPD)

An apparent lack of speed by one of the suspects landed him in prison, after a botched robbery in Pasco Luz.

The suspects tried to buy 900 pax for the merchandise

Unlike many robberies, Lowes’ workers were able to delay confronting suspects long enough for the police to arrive.

At about 4:40 p.m. Thursday, 29-year-old Justin Keith Walker, 37-year-old Jeffrey Wayne Miller, and 39-year-old Lucas James Deering attempted to obtain $900 worth of unpaid merchandise.

Suspect Walker Who Was Fast Enough (PPD)

The chase was when the police arrived

Walker pulled up and got to the getaway car that Deering was driving, but Miller wasn’t fast enough. Pascoe police said he was slower than Peyton Manning in a riot, and he was arrested.

The deer took off in a dark blue BMW and drove towards Richland. Pascoe officers chased after but due to new crime laws, they had to stop when they entered town.

Deering Escape Driver (PPD)

The search continues for Walker and Deering who are also being investigated for other thefts. Anyone with any information is urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be classified. From their clothes, they are well versed in the application of the law of the region.

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