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Restaurant Workers Get The Best Tips In These Cities, Says One Study

Restaurant Workers Get The Best Tips In These Cities, Says One Study
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According to a recent study by internet-based and digital marketing service Popmenu, tips for restaurant workers have increased exponentially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Of the 1,000 people surveyed, 58% reported an overall increase in tipping. 56% of respondents said they usually leaned “20% or more”, while 20% of respondents said the usual reward was “25% or more”.

Bobmino also discovered that of the 20 cities surveyed, Seattle, Washington, Austin, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee, all are associated with 38% of all online delivery orders receiving tips of 20% or higher. Detroit, Michigan, Denver, Colorado, Washington DC, Omaha, Nebraska, Dallas and Texas were hot in the wake of the top three cities, each with tip averages of 30% or more as well.

Popmenu CEO and co-founder Brendan Sweeney spoke favorably about the uptick in tipping, noting that diners “want to support their favorite restaurants,” some of which they consider “a staple of their local community.” Sweeney added that this surge in advice will help keep workers afloat as discussions are still ongoing about providing compensation to restaurant workers, many of whom have been displaced by the pandemic.

While Seattle, Austin, and Nashville seem to lead the way in the habit of tipping, it’s important to note that tips and kindness toward our hosts, delivery staff, and all other service sector employees don’t have to be present in certain parts of our greatest. Nation.

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