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Revenue and Growth Director – Axios Charlotte

Revenue and Growth Director - Axios Charlotte
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The Assembly is a long-form digital magazine launched in February 2021. We squeeze a group of reporters to spend weeks on big stories about power in North Carolina — who owns it, how they got it, and what they do with it.

The association is a subscriber-supported for-profit outlet that aims to raise the bar for magazine-style long-form journalism nationwide.

Our stories are regularly cited by national outlets, including Politico, The Washington Post, Sunday Long Read, and The Chronicle of Higher Education, among others.

We aim to be a reflection of the state. With reporters from diverse communities based in North Carolina. State expression requires an editorial room that reflects the diversity of talents and viewpoints in the state. We encourage members of traditionally underrepresented communities to come forward, including women, people of color, LGBT people, formerly incarcerated people, veterans, and people with disabilities.

The association is hiring a Director of Revenue and Growth, with a starting salary of at least $65,000, to manage and implement the product design and revenue strategy for a rapidly growing subscriber-oriented media outlet.

We are looking for someone to accelerate the association’s ambitious growth and revenue plans by working with a diverse roster of consultants and suppliers. This is a new, full-time, permanent position.

Success in this role has the potential to lead to a higher ranking role as Chief Financial Officer/Head of Product with direct reports.

The ideal candidates:
He will have experience with subscription models and audience growth – but not necessarily in journalism. We need a driver who can bring together a wide network of partners and supporters to help the association fully capitalize on its momentum and impact.

We are looking for someone who is helpful, adaptable with an attention to detail and a proven track record of execution excellence. Over the next year, this position will manage all phases of our subscription funnel, launch a newsletter ad monetization program, and work with partners to implement a paid event strategy.

The ideal candidate would be curious, creative problem-solving, a strong enforcer, and savvy with email newsletters, digital marketing, engagement funnels, and paid event strategies – although deep experience is not necessary in any one area.

They will be able to manage vendor and partner relationships to get the most out of them while prioritizing long-term cooperation.

Work duties:
Subscriber suppression

Develop and implement strategies to improve newsletter registrant growth, paid subscriber growth, and paid subscriber retention.
increase the audience
Oversee our marketing program, manage email list exchanges and acquisitions, and newsletter strategy and design.
Newsletter monetization
Launching and managing a newsletter advertising program to monetize the association’s bi-weekly newsletter – with the help of significant sales from the association’s founder.
Paid Events
Launch and oversee the Driven Events strategy, with a primary focus on partner-led events. The extent to which this role will lead the event strategy will vary depending on the employee’s experience and interest.
Vendor Management
Managing and evaluating vendor and partner relationships for The Assembly, including vendor marketing, audience engagement, and publishing partnerships including Apple News, among others.
Develop and monitor key performance indicators for journal reader engagement and work with the leadership team to provide appropriate direction and feedback to guide coverage.
technical stack
Optimize, expand, and manage your aggregator technology stack as it uses (and completes migration to) Pico, Stripe, and Active Campaign.
Overseeing the cash flow and long-term budgeting during the ongoing capital increase of the association in cooperation with the founder of the association.

Compensation and Incentives:
A minimum annual stipend of $65,000, paid monthly by direct deposit.

Generous health insurance plans, with the association covering 80% of employee premiums and 50% of family premiums – plus dental, vision, life and disability insurance.

Flexible work schedule, with 21 days of paid leave, plus federal leave, and twelve weeks of paid parental leave.

The collection will begin reviewing applications on January 31. Questions:

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