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Secure video hosting platform
Unlike flash-based players today, HTML5 video players have become the new industry standard. There are many online video players to facilitate seamless integration on your website. These media players offer advanced marketing toolkit to help you achieve your business goals. Online video players offer more advantages over those where you need to purchase a license. It is free to use. Popular open source solutions tend to have fewer bugs and faster fixes due to the community support they come with. When looking for an online video player, you usually come across the names YouTube and Vimeo. These are the most popular online video players and viewing platforms. Because they offer fast, easy and free options that you can easily use. Other features of these platforms are also what can be used, having more control over the images, interactions of other users with your content, and statistics on how and why they set up that interaction. On the other hand, online video players products have high customization potential. Almost everything you see can be customized, so you can reflect your individual or corporate identity. In case of any error, you can get support with the live chat option.

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