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SocialStemm Reevaluates Their Pricing Packages To Accommodate Small Businesses

SocialStemm Reevaluates Their Pricing Packages To Accommodate Small Businesses
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Leading Jamaica-based social media marketing agency, SocialStemm, announces a review of its packages to allow small businesses to reach their target audience online.

The SocialStemm team, led by forward-thinking duo Uchido Christie and Sheldon Thomas, reiterated their commitment to supporting business growth by enabling them to effectively promote their brand via social media while reviewing the packages provided. The digital marketing company is currently ranked as one of the most popular social media agencies in Jamaica, based on great customer reviews.

We aim to reduce the statistics that of all companies that have created more than 50% collapse or suffer a decline within the first five years of operation due to shortcomings in marketing and media presence. We will lay the foundations to gain exposure, continually build a large audience on social media, increase customer base and improve solidarity and customer loyalty.. “

The business environment has evolved over the years with more solutions emerging to enhance service delivery. However, figures from reports revealing that about 50 per cent of companies fail to reach their fifth anniversary leave more to be desired. One of the main challenges businesses face is creating marketing campaigns with high conversion rates. While online marketing has brought a host of techniques and solutions to bring brands closer to their customers, small businesses still struggle to harness the advantages of digital marketing. However, SocialStemm aims to change this narrative, a claim that has been substantiated by a recent review of their offerings.

The move aligns with the company’s goal of helping define the business by implementing and managing its online presence through digital marketing by leveraging social media platforms and social infrastructure. Re-pricing will undoubtedly encourage more competition while providing a sharper competitive advantage among larger and more established firms. It will also lead to a change in the “tribal shop” into companies with a reputation and famous empires spanning generations.

In addition to its revolutionary social media marketing solutions, SocialStemm also offers email marketing and search engine marketing services.

For more information on SocialStemm and its suite of social media marketing solutions, visit SocialStemm can also be found across social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

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