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Some workers say they feel underpaid, even as employers hike wages

Some workers say they feel underpaid, even as employers hike wages
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Diving Brief:

  • Nearly half of American workers in Questionnaire Conducted by human consulting firm Robert Half between March and April, they said they were earning less than they thought they were worth, and 31% said they would consider leaving their jobs by the end of 2021 if they didn’t receive a raise.
  • Robert Half said that younger workers, specifically members of Generation Z, as well as women, were more likely to say they felt underpaid. When surveying respondents by location, cities in the southern United States made up seven of the top 10 regions in terms of the percentage of workers who felt underpaid, with Charlotte, North Carolina, which ranked first at 62%.
  • A separate survey by Robert Half of more than 2,800 US senior managers found that start-up compensation for professional careers is expected to increase by 3.8% overall in 2022, while 48% of employers were offering signing bonuses. Most managers said they would search for talent in their local area before expanding their search to other locations.

Diving Insight:

epidemic Planned wage increases derailed For many employers and had an impact on Employee Salary Forecasts. But in just 12 months, a reversal in the talent market could push things in a very different direction.

Across the board, wages appear to be rising. The Willis Towers Watson Employer Survey conducted between April and June found that employers Planned wage increase for 2022 at an average of 3% For executives, management, professional staff and support staff. Not only does that number exceed the average increase of 2.7% for 2021, but it also tracks Robert Half’s research.

Employers are already seeing wage increases across industries. A quarterly survey of manufacturers last month by the National Association of Manufacturers found that respondents Scheme for a wage increase of 3.5% over a 12 month period. In the restaurant sector, Chili’s is one of many organizations advertising higher starting wages; lately Unveiled $18 minimum hourly wage to its American employees every hour.

Wage increases are set to hit the public sector as well. Soon after his inauguration, President Joe Biden Sign an executive order Raising the minimum wage for federal contractors to $15 an hour as of January 30, 2022, up from the previous minimum hourly minimum of $10.95.

In general, wage increases have been implemented in response to the sparse talent market. An August survey by the payroll site found that employers may prefer base pay increases to signing bonuses in the future. While the survey found that only 20% of employers expect to offer signing bonuses by the end of 2021, 62% of them said Plan to increase basic salary over a period of six months.

The news hasn’t quelled lawmakers’ attempts to enforce a higher national floor, as Democrats in Congress earlier this year proposed a law that would increase the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025. Meanwhile, employee advocates are raising other pay issues. For example, a report released in September by advocacy group One Fair Wage claimed that 35% of employees are tipping. Experienced in wage theft in the past year, with 34% reporting an increase in wage theft dating back to 2020.

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