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Spotify is searching for a new Head of Global Hits… as SoundCloud seeks a new Global Head Of Music

Spotify is searching for a new Head of Global Hits… as SoundCloud seeks a new Global Head Of Music
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There are some big jobs out there right now in the world of digital music streaming.

A new job posting from Spotify shows that the company – the world’s largest audio subscription music platform – is currently looking for the head of Global Hits.

For the role, which could be based in New York or Los Angeles, Daniel Ek is looking for someone with at least eight years of experience in the music industry, preferably in a content development or artist role with a global and international competence.

This person, according to the announcement, will “connect global music trends to highlight emerging artists and voices from around the world.”

They will also be asked to monitor new entries in the Spotify ecosystem and identify top candidates for new global music support based on the program’s collective editing intent.

The CEO will report to Solina Ong, global editor in chief at Spotify, who was promoted to the position in October.

The appointment to the new position follows the departure of Ned Monahan, who left Spotify in November to join Joie Manda’s new Los Angeles-based label Encore Recordings.

Prior to his departure, Monahan has served as President of Global Hits since 2019. He joined Encore as General Manager effective January 1, 2022.

Spotify isn’t the only prominent music streaming company hiring for an influential global role: SoundCloud is currently looking for a new global head of music in the US.

This CEO has a big job to do, being asked to “define the strategy and direction of SoundCloud’s position in the global music ecosystem”.

SoundCloud is looking for a CEO with at least 10 years of experience in the music industry, with a background in management, A&R, artist and brand partnerships, strategy, operations, marketing or promotions.

According to the job posting, this person will need “a talent to build relationships with the global music communities,” and “particularly with artists, directors, agents, production companies, attorneys, and independent creators.”

Their remit will also include leading what the platform calls “the identification of high-potential local artists on SoundCloud” and what SoundCloud says are “innovative, artist-friendly ways” to invest in their growth.

The role could be in New York or Los Angeles.

Lisa Ellis was previously Global Head of Music and Artist Relations for the platform between 2018 and October 2020.Music business around the world

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