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The Ghost of Windows Past haunts a street corner • The Register

Bermondsey Windows message
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12BoC Bork has gone big in the latest version of record 12 Borks of Christmas, with Windows reporting problems in the Bermondsey area of ​​southeast London.

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Captured by the eagle-eyed passenger Register Reader Duncan, The offending show can be seen on Jamaica Road in London. If you wish to take a trip around the geography of Burke, you will find, at our discretion, advertisements usually hung by pedestrians at the corner of Jamaica Road and West Lane, not too far from Bermondsey tube station.

The dialog contrasts with the low screen resolution and appears to be running the operating system that won’t die, Windows 7. Its grandfather is XP, the operating systems cockroach but fortunately for Bermondsey residents, this mark has escaped its clutches.

However, it did not escape the hard disk error and the suggestion from Windows that backing up would be a good idea. Unless this is a clever advertisement to persuade gamblers to part with money for PC protection software. Still, it’s nice to see the old thing shine like Burke’s Lighthouse.

As for the sign itself, it most likely appears to be one of the global external digital monitors. The company claims to have over 253,000 offshore locations across the UK, amounting to 95 per cent of the lucky population.

Chances are that the display showing misery here is one of the company’s digital roadside units. Ads must be 576 x 288 pixels to meet specification A of the group’s requirements, which appears to be what’s shown here. Each ad receives a 10-second slot, although we fear the Windows bork will be on display for much, much longer than that.

Poor Microsoft. Despite the launch of Windows 11 and its roundabouts, and enthusiastic attempts to kill Windows 7, the operating system for the past Christmas, replete with what could be Aero effects, continues to make its presence felt. ®

A Little Talk We Call: The 12 Borks of Christmas ’21

On the ninth day of Berkamas, the goddess of Burke sent to me:

The ghost of the last Windows.

You need to upgrade the operating system;

catastrophic failure;

IKEA is not updated;

Some… Leak… Memoryyyyyy….♬;

Fun programming stuff.

Call for a battery

Scenic paint job.

And a notebook where there shouldn’t be one ♬

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