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The Masterclass of Digital Marketing

The Masterclass of Digital Marketing
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Want to run a great digital campaign that transforms voters?

This is the master class in digital political marketing. Sign up for award-winning secrets to creating lists, landing pages, social media, fundraising, and more. And get personalized digital training for a fraction of the cost of a consultant or agency.

The Digital Hero Academy provides expert training and online master classes that teach you everything you need to run a great digital campaign. The candidate who communicates best wins the election. And they need a great digital strategy to get the best connection.

Learn video on demand

Through online video courses, our teachers teach you the tactics and skills you need to succeed in the digital space. Learn at your own pace.

brochures and flyers

Our operation manuals, handouts and reference guides are designed to help you implement what you have learned in the video courses.

expert training

Our award-winning coaches meet with you every two weeks to guide you through the curriculum, provide strategic feedback, and answer any questions. We are here to help!

Candidates are too busy learning digital marketing best practices. But they have people among the staff who need expertise. That’s why we offer a subscription to video lessons and one-on-one coaching that any campaign can afford.

Developing your own digital strategy can be complicated. When you don’t have the proper training, it can feel impossible. She was left wondering if all the effort was worth it. Be the digital champion of your campaign. Learn from award-winning experts and get the skills you need to drive a predictable, winning digital strategy.

You are responsible for winning the election, but you need a great digital strategy to do so. The Digital Hero Academy is where professionals go with everything they need – from list building and fundraising tips through one-on-one social media coaching or landing page design. Develop your skills today!

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