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The Morning Briefing: Why being regulated is worth it & lasting power of attorney issues

The Morning Briefing: Why being regulated is worth it & lasting power of attorney issues
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Good morning, and welcome to the Morning Briefing for Friday, January 14, 2022. To get this in your inbox each morning, click here.

Goodbye organization

What does deregulation look like after more than 30 years?

SSAS and Sipp market veteran Martin Tilly has the answer in this thoughtful article he wrote for money marketing.

Overall, he feels organized while hard work gives those who earn credentials a sense of respect.

LPAs issue

Labor recently drew attention to flaws in the current permanent power of attorney regulations.

Alison Morris, a partner with Moore Kingston Smith, took off where Labor left off and examined the case in more detail.

There are loopholes in the current system.

final call

It’s the last day for you to take part in the salary census survey that we run in partnership with BWD Recruiter.

It has entirely new questions about Covid and diversity along with questions about people’s salaries in 2021 and what they expect it to be in 2022.

Engagement will help BWD recruitment counselor and money marketing Decode how qualifications, job status, geography, gender and job title affect salaries and bonuses through financial planning.

Quote from today

It appears that the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee is not very keen on the idea of ​​Bitcoin, but that will not stop the Bank of England from considering it. The Lords Committee is right to highlight the risks of introducing a digital currency, but if the Bank of England does not create a digital pound, the private sector may.

– Laith Khalaf, Head of Investment Analysis at AJ Bell, in the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee’s report on the creation of an official digital currency in the UK

stat attack

Britons have £1 trillion more in pension wealth than they do in real estate, according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics.

Between 2010 and 2012, the amount of wealth in pensions and property was roughly the same at £3.53 trillion.

Since then, wealth in professional and private pensions has risen by nearly £3 trillion compared to just under £2 trillion in property.

Great Britain 2006-08 2008-10 2010-12 2012-14 2014-16 2016-18 2018-20
property wealth £3.54 trillion £3.38tr £3.53tr 3.81 trillion pounds sterling £4.37trn 5.1 trillion pounds sterling 5.46 trillion pounds sterling
retirement fortune 2.89 trillion pounds sterling 3.46 trillion pounds sterling £3.53tr £4.39trn 5.21 trillion pounds sterling 6.1 trillion pounds 6.45 trillion pounds sterling

*Source: ONS

in other news

Ninety One has announced the appointment of Kristen Reed as Senior Analyst, Latin America, to join its Emerging Sovereign Markets and Foreign Exchange team. Headquartered in New York, Reed will be responsible for coverage of Latin America and the Caribbean and will support Alpha’s decision-making across investment capabilities.

She joins Ninety One from Goldman Sachs Asset Management where she served as Vice President, Head of Domestic Emerging Debt, responsible for all emerging market interest rate positions taken globally across their dedicated Emerging Markets strategies and cross assets.

Prior to that, Reed was a partner at Citigroup’s Latin American Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange Desk where she was a market maker for fixed income and FX products in countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Uruguay and the Dominican Republic.

This week SimplyBiz launched its 2022 Event Program, which features over 350 events that combine both physical and virtual formats.

They cover a wide range of business areas including regulation, investments, pensions, lending, protection, and advisor technology.

Having received more than 25,000 bookings for its events during 2021, the service provider has extended its program to 2022.

Over the next four weeks, SimplyBiz will start rounds of investment forums, protection roadshows, tax efficient investing workshops, and ‘best of all’ mortgage meetings across the UK.

from another place

UK economy above pre-COVID levels in November (BBC News)

Why is it still considered good to be old? (financial times)

Meta has sued £2.3 billion over allegations that Facebook users in the UK have been exploited (The Guardian)

did you see?

The Money and Pensions Service (Maps) is supposed to fill in the advice gap but is it up to them?

Financial commentator Paul Lewis is supportive of the organization but skeptical.

He writes: “Advise is the prerogative of regulated financial advisors. Anyone else claiming to offer ‘financial advice’ – even if it is advice about your finances – would dishonor their professionalism and years of training.”

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