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This wellness consultancy is expanding internationally after the pandemic forced it to pivot online

This wellness consultancy is expanding internationally after the pandemic forced it to pivot online
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For six years, SgFitFam Health Consulting has provided a holistic, long-term approach to health and fitness for both individual and corporate clients. Besides typical personal training sessions, their offerings extend to include rehabilitative fitness, nutrition and mental health plans. The founder, Ms. Jenna Chan, had been planning to expand this further, but 2020 threw a switch in the works.

With Circuit Breaker restrictions keeping gyms and fitness studios closed, Chan reported a 50 percent drop in revenue. She quickly realized that her team had to be agile and adapt while the situation remained in flux.

“From group fitness classes to personal workouts and corporate events, we’ve moved everything online. However, it has taken some time for our clients to adjust to the new standard, and accept that virtual wellness will continue,” says Ms. Chan.

Passion to improve life through fitness

Trials over the past two years are all equal, of course, to the pursuit of one’s dream. Ms. Chan’s passion and quest to improve life through fitness led her to become a personal trainer in 2013. She soon realized that there was a shortage of comprehensive fitness programs on the market that would include other aspects of a healthy lifestyle – such as performance training, nutrition and rehabilitation – as well as To exercise and weight management.

“Three things were important to me. One, for the client to find the right trainer for their goals; two, to have access to more than one fitness professional in one package; and finally, for them to achieve sustainable fitness with sustainable results,” that’s why in 2016, I started SgFitFam as a sole proprietor to focus on providing a personalized, customizable training package to our clients.”

SgFitFam clients begin their fitness journey by going to a consultation conducted by a team of professionals tailored to meet the individual’s needs and goals. The company’s core team consists of fitness professionals in a variety of disciplines, including a weight loss coach, pre/postpartum coach, running coach, and nutritionist.

It was a concept that resonated with the audience. In 2019, SgFitFam faced increased demands among corporate clients looking for employee health programs or fitness events. The company has also expanded its offering to provide more than 60 different types of wellness activities, from group exercise classes to mindfulness workshops.

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