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Traction hires Babs Rangaiah and has LinkedIn as a new client

Traction hires Babs Rangaiah and has LinkedIn as a new client
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The LinkedIn account follows a strong year that saw Traction’s revenue increase 30%, with an expectation that eight accounts added will produce a stronger 50% to 100% increase this year, Kleinberg said.

He likened Traction less to traditional agencies and more to newer models like S4 Capital and Brandtech Group (formerly you and Mr. Jones, who run a sprawling in-house content operation for Unilever among others).

Ranjaya joins a team of professionals that Kleinberg calls the “Team of Creative Directors”.

“Instead of one creative director, I have 12,” he said, although many, like Ranjia, have specialties outside of what traditional agencies often have, including performance marketing and product development.

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“We’ve been able to invest in more great talent working with us on a flexible basis, and we’ve created dedicated teams to solve customer problems,” Kleinberg said.

Ranjaya sees his role at Traction as being in part to help clients move toward business in a similar way. “Instead of having 500,000 employees the way IBM did, you might have 100,000 of those full-time employees and 600,000 people in this fluid workforce — contractors and experts,” he said. Ranjayah said that COVID-19 and employee resistance to return to traditional office functions and commuting is likely to accelerate this trend.

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