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Twitter’s New Marketing Pitch to Studios – The Hollywood Reporter

Twitter’s New Marketing Pitch to Studios – The Hollywood Reporter
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In late October, Twitter and Warner Bros. revealed. Unveiled its #DuneWeek marketing campaign to get fans excited about the star-studded sci-fi movie premiere and HBO Max on October 22, with cast and almost main director Denis Villeneuve take turns reply Fan Questions about the Arakis world and all of them Personalities For the week-long marketing campaign that brought together Twitter and Hollywood fans.

But these interactions did not occur at the expense of Warner Bros. or HBO Max Twitter. Instead, #DuneWeek’s original content happened on Twitter Tweet embed , which has positioned itself as a prime site for studios and advertisers to reach audiences for free.

While studios can pay for promotions on Twitter (which Warner Bros. Dune Promotions elsewhere on the platform), and marketing on TwitterMovies — and its television counterpart, TwitterTV — give studio marketing teams another opportunity to promote and receive organic involvement in their own projects, while Twitter can strengthen its presence on the handle and deepen relationships with studios for future paid partnerships and services.

In the case of #DuneWeek, using TwitterMovies for a specific promotion, Warner Bros. From utilizing the account’s millions of pre-existing followers – Handle has gained followers since December 2011 – while the standalone account Dune The account only became active in 2020 to coincide with the film’s early promotion.

“We don’t charge any fees to work with TwitterMovies, nor do we select our projects based on how much the studio spends on an overall Twitter marketing campaign,” said James Brownstein, Twitter’s head of film partnerships. The Hollywood Reporter By email. “But when we partner with an organic content campaign on TwitterMovies that is doing really well, it reminds advertisers how important it is for our platform to reach the audience that will buy movie tickets or subscriptions.”

Engagement on the TwitterMovies Index, which has 6.8 million followers, has grown 674 percent since 2020, ballooning from 3.9 million shares (likes, tweets, replies, and video views) in 2020 to 30.1 million shares in 2021, according to Twitter. Brownstein says Twitter has run watch parties, Q&A with talent and other interactions with fans to support studio partners and demonstrate Twitter’s impact and influence in the marketing space, helping drive growth between 2020 and 2021 amid changing release schedules and mixed models due to the pandemic.

“We’ve put in years of work to show our partners that we can drive truly effective organic content marketing campaigns on Twitter,” Brownstein says. “When we got into our crowded slate for 2021, we had a lot of momentum and confidence with our top partners, and that really helped us speed up.”

Amy Selig, lead social marketing for the entertainment sectors at Twitter, points out that posts on TwitterMovies that perform well organically may get an extra “push boost” to reach more users.

But the shift in tone away from purely marketing language has also helped TwitterMovies become a more fan-focused hub to better connect with movie fans, according to Sly. “Over the past few years, our approach at TwitterMovies has shifted from being more promotional to talking to fans as fans,” says Selig, referring to tweets referring to memes or other online trends. “We were not able to do the same things in 2020 that we did in previous years because of the pandemic. So, in 2021, we had to create new ways of engaging in the conversation which, ironically, took the handle to a new level.”

At the end of 2021, other major marketing campaigns for the TwitterMovies handle included clips from Resurrection Matrix Stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss reply Fan questions about returning to the franchise; Spider-Man: There is no room for home Stars: Tom Holland, Zendaya and Jacob Batalone Reply to fan tweets; West side storyRachel Ziegler to explain Some of her previous tweets. And Last night in Soho Director Edgar Wright Answer fan questions.

Dustin Sandoval, Vice President of Digital Marketing at Disney Studios says: THR that use TwitterMovies and Tweet embed The accounts allow Disney to reach a general audience that might not already follow popular Disney brands like Marvel and Pixar on Twitter.

“Working with this handle gives us an opportunity to reach a little further and perhaps even a wider audience, knowing that we still have millions of fans on our site. Tweet embed Knob, Marvel’s big knob,” Sandoval says. “But TwitterMovies are movie fans, so we can reach a nice general audience of people who love the same thing and show them some of the things we do.”

Already, Sandoval says Disney is in talks with Twitter for upcoming promotions in the future Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness The movie, which is expected to be released on May 6. Looking at the 2022 schedule, Sandoval says he’s personally excited about the revitalization of the much-anticipated event symbol picture A sequel that will resonate with fans.

“We pay attention to everything all our fans are saying and are really tuned into what they gravitate toward, and we love telling them, ‘Hey, see you and hear you’ by putting up something that feels like a tweet they’re going to do,” Sandoval says. “It’s really fun to see.”

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