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UK CHECKEDIN Says Workers Wanted for Record Number of UK Job Openings
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Victoria, British Columbia, Jan. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/– UK Verification Reports indicate that the UK ended 2021 with a record number of jobs across the British economy, but not enough workers were available to fill them all.

UK CHECKEDIN has a team of researchers, analysts, consultants and IT professionals who provide clients with useful employment profile reviews containing information about the UK labor market as it relates to their particular profession.

“Although there are different statistics on the number of job vacancies in the UK, the lower estimates are historical,” said Daisy Simmons, UK labor market researcher CHECKEDIN.

According to the British Government’s Office for National Statistics (ONS), there are 1.17 million job openings in the UK, while the Employment and Employment Consortium reports that there are 3.5 million job openings in the UK.

“Wherever the number is correct, the bottom line is that UK employers are looking for qualified workers for nearly a million UK jobs, if not more,” Simmons explained.

Moreover, an October 2021 report by KPMG and the Employment and Employment Consortium revealed that UK start-up salaries have risen at the highest rate in 24 years, as employers compete to hire new workers.

Simmons declared: “This is good news for skilled foreign workers who are considering a move to the UK.”

Ads for thousands of UK jobs are distributed across a range of major business sectors.

For example, the Office for National Statistics reports that there are approximately 183,000 jobs in the UK in the healthcare industry; 151,000 in hospitality; 111,000 in the scientific sector; 91,000 for retail workers; 90,000 in manufacturing; 88000 in management; 66000 for Telecom; 61,000 in education; 53,000 for transportation and storage; 48000 for construction workers; and 44,000 in the financial sector.

Daisy Simmons from UK CHECKEDIN noted that “with a record number of UK jobs to choose from and a low national unemployment rate of just 4.3 per cent, UK employers face a significant challenge in finding enough qualified workers”.

According to a report by the Office for National Statistics in April 2021, the average salary in the UK during 2020 was £31,461 (about $42,555) per year.

The average annual salaries for 2020 for select jobs in the UK, based on Office for National Statistics data, are as follows: Accountant (£41,900 / $56672); bank manager (£53,365 / $72,188); civil engineer (£43,663 / $59,081); winch actuator (£40,317 / $54,559); Data Scientist (£53,158 / $71,936); dentist (£66,603 / $90,153); electrical engineer (£50,866 / $68,815); GP (£81,720 / $110,588); graphic designer (£29,391 / $39,760); Marketing Director (£80,759/$109,283); Nurse (£33,920 / $45,895); Purchasing Manager (£48,047 / $65,048); high school teacher (£40,881 / $55,328); Software developer (£44,055 / $59,605); and Urban Planner (£42,000 / $56,847).

While many factors can influence a person’s earning potential, UK workers generally have the highest average salaries in London, Reading, Crawley, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Slough, Oxford, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Derby, according to data ONS.

Simmons noted that “UK CHECKEDIN informs its clients of the best cities in the UK to find work in their profession”.

Since the UK does not have enough qualified workers available to fill all the high-demand occupations, the British government has created different UK work visas for different categories of skilled immigrants.

Examples of long-term UK work visas include the Skilled Worker Visa and the Global Talent Visa, both of which are issued for up to five years and provide a pathway to permanent settlement in the UK.

The spouse or partner of a skilled immigrant and children under the age of 18 may also live in the UK if they are approved for the relevant UK visa for family members.

Each UK work visa has its own criteria for eligibility and application procedures.

For example, a skilled worker visa requires a skilled immigrant with an eligible occupation and sufficient English language abilities to receive a qualified UK job offer from an employer who is a UK licensed sponsor, and once a certificate of sponsorship is issued by their sponsoring employer, they can apply for a visa skilled workers.

The Global Talent visa is available to skilled immigrants who are leaders or potential leaders in academia, research, digital technology or arts and culture, who have eligible occupations and who must receive a letter of credit from the relevant supporting body in the UK for their employment before they can apply for This is a British visa.

Foreign workers and their families can enjoy a higher standard of living in the UK, have access to public healthcare and access British educational programmes.

Please note that this is general information and should not be considered immigration, legal or professional advice.

UK CHECKEDIN is an experienced team of UK labor market researchers and consultants who help connect talented individuals with opportunities in the UK.

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