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Visitors Bureau moves ahead with promotions | News, Sports, Jobs

Visitors Bureau moves ahead with promotions | News, Sports, Jobs
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Potential visitors are not looking for information the way they did 20 years ago.

The Warren County Visitors Bureau is adapting to this reality.

The demand for physical visitor evidence continues. CEO Dave Sherman told the board Thursday that 40,000 have been printed for 2020-2021 with only 350 left.

“(It’s) so cool to see all of those walk out the door,” Sherman said.

They’re nearing the finish line on the next round of visitor guides and Sherman said many of them are talking to them. Getaways on Display, an entity that stores brochures at travel centers, has requested 25,000 of the 35,000 to be printed.

Kinzua Bridge State Park ordered 35 boxes as well, which means 78 percent of the total is for those two orders alone.

Promotion efforts are also being strengthened in digital spaces.

For example, they aim to have a visitor’s guide online, but most likely is the map technology program the board agreed to move forward with last year.

Visitors or people looking for some information about the county can use their smartphone to scan the QR code.

They get information. They also provide information – perhaps by filling out a contactless form that the code can direct them to. The information they provide is available to the Visitors Bureau.

Sherman told the board on Thursday that since they fully understand the system, it’s clear that it is “A positive start.”

“What will allow us (is) to increase the focus of our marketing efforts,” He said. “We have a pretty good idea of ​​where people are coming from. This would take most of the guesswork.”

“This is the next generation,” said board member Troy Clawson.

Talk about how this will give them the opportunity to determine exactly how much the ad will reach as a promotion “All they want to give us” From a demographic perspective.

call it “An incredible new way to do business; another tool in the toolkit to do our job better.”

WCVB has also posted a blog on their website,, which is experiencing significant growth month-on-month.

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