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Walmart Salaries Revealed After New Colorado Salary Law: WSJ Analysis

Walmart Salaries Revealed After New Colorado Salary Law: WSJ Analysis
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  • Walmart pays systems engineering managers up to $200,000, per new report in the Wall Street Journal.
  • WSJ analyzed Walmart wages in Colorado, where companies have to share salaries on job listings.
  • A 2020 insider analysis of Walmart’s wages for foreign workers showed similar salary ranges.

Walmart pays some engineers as much as $200,000 — at least in Colorado.

To determine how much Walmart pays employees, the Wall Street Journal analyzed 5,000 job offers at major companies posted in the state between August and October, after Colorado began requiring employers to disclose hourly compensation, salary or range in all job openings. State legislators have passed a law to ensure equal pay for equal work.

Although some companies have stopped hiring workers in Colorado to bypass sharing salary information on job listings, companies like Walmart have begun disclosing salaries for certain jobs.

Walmart’s highest salary was in a job offer for a systems engineering manager: the minimum base wage for the job was $80,000, and the maximum was $200,000, according to a magazine analysis.

Other high-paying jobs at Walmart, according to the analysis, include pharmacy manager ($166,400 max base pay), staff pharmacist ($153,920 max base pay), and membership representative ($74,000 max base pay).

Walmart also found that Walmart also offered higher hourly wages for some jobs in Colorado. Some working pharmacists can earn up to $74 an hour, and maintenance and janitorial workers up to $32 an hour.

Pay in Colorado job ads followed similar patterns to Insider’s analysis of 2020 Walmart disclosures submitted to the US Office of Foreign Employment Certification for salaries paid to permanent and temporary foreign workers.

Insider found that Walmart paid principal software engineers an average of $184,369 and senior managers to software engineers as much as $213,116.

As competitors like Amazon and Target adopted a minimum hourly wage of $15, Walmart made incremental increases. In March, Walmart announced an increase of 425,000 employees that would increase wages to between $13 and $19 an hour. In September, it raised the minimum wage across the board to $12 an hour.

Walmart could not be reached for further comment.

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